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Residential Pool Services

High-quality pool service and pool maintenance in MA

Whether it’s a new swimming pool, renovating your current pool, or ensuring you have the most energy-efficient equipment, we can have you covered.

At Accelerated Pools, every backyard is an opportunity. We live to transform your outdoor living space into a dream oasis. Whether you have a vision or want us to come up with one for you, our team of experts is there to guide you through every step of the process.

New Swimming Pool Design & Construction

An in-ground pool can enhance the beauty of any property and provide endless hours of enjoyment. With proper planning, design, and construction, it can be tailor-made to fit a client’s specific needs and property. At Accelerated Pools, we specialize in fast residential swimming pool design and construction for homes in Massachusetts. Let our experienced team design and build the swimming pool, spa, deck, and outdoor living area of your dreams.

Swimming Pool Renovations

Remodeling your current pool is an excellent way to add elegance, functionality, and modern touches to your outdoor space. If your current pool doesn’t match your personal style and preferences, has outdated equipment that doesn’t work properly, or just needs a small update, our Renovation Department can assist you in transforming and updating your outdoor area. We have the ability to repair or remodel any existing pool, regardless of the original pool builder, utilizing state-of-the-art technology, materials, and expert design advice.

Swimming Pool Repair & Equipment Issues

Swimming Pool Repair

We can repair most types of damage to pool decks, surfaces, and walls. We are experts at repairing coping, cracked or chipped pool decks, concrete or stonework, and retiling and resurfacing your current swimming pool.

Equipment Repair & Replacement

We offer repair and replacement services for all brands of pool pumps, motors, filters, pool heaters, heat pumps, timers, controllers, and other plumbing, pool, and spa-related equipment. Our expertise lies in providing accurate diagnoses and effective solutions for any pool equipment and related issues.

Additionally, we specialize in upgrading equipment and controllers to the latest energy-efficient pool technology. This includes automated controls, salt chlorination systems, wireless remotes, and color LED lights for a user-friendly, energy-efficient pool experience. Our full-service repair department can professionally diagnose, estimate, and repair, replace, or upgrade your equipment with a solution that suits your specific pool and budget needs.

Pool Leak Detection

A full leak detection includes pressure testing the lines, dye testing, and diving in the swimming pool with a scuba tank to check cracks, drains, and pool returns.

Pool Inspections

If you are a swimming pool owner or a prospective homebuyer considering a property with a pool, it is imperative that you schedule pool inspections periodically. It is particularly crucial to conduct the first inspection before finalizing the home purchase, to ensure that the pool is in optimal condition. In addition, it is advisable to have new construction pools inspected as well, as leaks may be more prevalent than anticipated in newly built pools.

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