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Our Accelerated Process

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Our Accelerated Pool Build Process
At Accelerated Pools, we understand that timing is crucial when building your backyard dream. With a 30% quicker pool build turnaround time than most other companies, you can enjoy your outdoor experience sooner.

Our accelerated process enables our experienced team to move swiftly between construction phases, ensuring that the project progresses rapidly without extended delays.

Step 1

Consultation Phase

We meet with you to review your backyard and discuss your ideas and options to achieve your dream oasis.

Step 2

Design And Permitting

Your designer will draw up the pool plans and once approved, the plans and appropriate documentation will be submitted for the permit.

Step 3

Excavation Phase

We will stake out the pool shape, then bring in equipment, specific to your backyard's needs, and begin excavating.

Step 4

Forming Phase

The pool walls and any added features will be framed in preparation for the rebar construction process.

Forms to Shotcrete in 5 days
Other pool builders can take up to 30-60 days to complete this phase, but our process has it done in just 5 days, bringing you closer to enjoying your new pool faster.

At accelerated pools, we build quickly by using skilled craftsmanship and time management.

Let’s create a breathtaking space your loved ones will enjoy…faster than other pool companies!
Step 5

Rebar Phase

#4 grade 60 rebar is tied every 6" on center to meet upcoming ACI standards for water retaining structures. With this methodology, your pool will far surpass the structural integrity of other pool builds.

Step 6

Shotcrete Phase

ASA-certified nozzlemen apply the concrete and concrete finishers shape the pool shell to meet planned dimensions

Step 7

Pool Finishing Phase

Once the structure of the pool is complete, the tile and coping will be installed followed by plastering bringing your custom finishes to life.

Step 8

Enjoy Your Pool

Your pool installation is complete and you can begin enjoying life poolside with your friends and family.

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We have worked on indoor, outdoor, and commercial projects. Take a look at our gallery for inspiration for your next project.

Accelerate your fun with Accelerated Pools!

Interested in a new pool or backyard project? Share your dream space with us, and we'll design and build a backyard oasis just for you. At Accelerated Pools, we can make it happen quickly!

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